Frequently Asked Questions



1. What should I do if I’m having difficulty logging in?

In the event that there is a difficulty with your login after registration please follow these steps:

  1. Check your email, spam or junk mail folder and trash box for the registration confirmation details.
  2. Your user name is your email.
  3. Your password is the one you registered.

If you still have difficulty:

  1. Go to website click ‘Login’, then click ‘Lost your password’ and you will receive a message at the email you registered (again make sure you check spam or junk mail folder and trash box).

If this does not work and you still have a problem – email your query using our contact form.

2. What should I do if I’ve forgotten my Login details?

If you have previously registered with Route Aviation Online Training and are having difficulty this time around:

  1. Your user name is your email.
  2. Your password is the one you registered.
  3. Go to website click ‘Login’, enter your email, then click ‘Lost your password’ and you will receive a message at the email you registered.



1. What are the minimum technical requirements to attend online courses?

The minimum technical requirements are:

  1. Internet access: You must have an internet access with a minimum flow of 512Kb.
  2. PDF reader: you need a PDF reader to download your certificates.
  3. Web browsers: Our e-training is designed to work with most browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

2. When can I start my e-training course?

All courses are available as soon as you have received a payment confirmation via email.
Simply login to access your training. There might be rare occasions when there is a slight delay, however if for some reason your course is still not available after 15 minutes simply contact us and we will look into this for you.

3. How many times can I take each exam?

There are no restrictions. You may attempt each course exam as many times as you need to pass the minimum score of 75% or above, all re-takes are free.

4. When I stop the course, can I continue the course at a later moment on the same slide were I was?

Yes, you can continue the course at a later moment from where you were at your last visit. However, please note the test must be completed in one session.

5. Who can I contact if I have a problem while I am taking the course?

You can contact us anytime. Please fill a form on our support page.

6. How long should I allow for my training?

Our courses vary in length and people’s abilities and knowledge vary too, so it’s impossible to be specific, but as a guide we recommend two to eight hours per course.

7. How long will my courses be available?

All e-courses remain available for 12 months or until you pass (whichever comes first).                                                                                                              It is a great way of saving money when we have big discounts, then this allows you to hold the course(s) on your account until you need it (them).



1. Are the certificates approved by EASA?

EASA does not approve any certificates for any company or regulatory training courses for any organization. They do approve EASA 147 training organizations to deliver training for Part 66 Engineers both basic and type.

All our e-courses meet CAA/EASA regulations and you will be issued with the appropriate certificate upon successful completion of your chosen course.

2. Do the certificates have an expiry date?

Yes, certificate duration is 2 years starting from course completion date.

3. How do I get my certificate when I pass?

After successful e-course completion, you will be able to download your certificate immediately or download it from your Route Aviation account at any time. You will also receive your certificate at your e-mail in PDF format.

4. I made a mistake in the trainee’s first or last name, is it possible to amend a certificate?

In this case please contact us on our support page.

5. Can I receive hard copy of certificate?

Hard copy certificates can be provided for each course or bundle at a cost of 20 EUR. The hard copy of the certificate(s) can be purchased together with the courses or afterwards. You will receive your certificate(s) by mail within 14 days from successful e-course(s) completion. When purchasing a bundle of courses with hard copy, the hard copy certificates will be provided for all the courses in the bundle.

6. How long do you keep certificates?

The certificate(s) will be available in your profile for two years.



1. If I’m not able to pay the order with online payment, is there another option to pay?

Yes, we can send you a manually generated invoice, and you can wire transfer the money to the bank account number detailed on the invoice. After we have received your payment, we will include the products to your Student Profile account. Please contact us via our support page if you would like to use this alternative payment option.

2. Can I buy courses for another person or buy courses for several people?

Yes, in this case please contact us on our support page.